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in march, "shenglong group boss road" became a textbook for business ethics in colleges and universities;

on march 16, the uae ambassador to china visited shenglong electric group.


on april 20-24, chairman xie yuande and his party were invited to visit schneider's global headquarters.

in august, wuhan company was awarded a prominent contribution to private enterprises, and the new product “intelligent power guarantee for 20 years” was reported by hubei satellite tv “hubei news”.

on september 22nd, shenglong electric (2017) smart power expo was held to create an industry event with an order of 75.6 billion orders.

in october, the “group boss system” was selected into the china business management case center, and participated in the tsinghua university business management case competition as a research case.

on november 6-11, chairman xie yuande and sheng bin, president of shengchuang beijing iii company attended the apec meeting held in da nang, vietnam. the group followed the pace of general secretary xi and laid out the vietnamese market;

on november 12th, shenglong electric was awarded the top ten good examples and innovative demonstration enterprises of china's industry-university-research cooperation in 2017;

beginning at the beginning of the year, the “four hundred strategy” was promoted nationwide, and entrepreneurial tutors and colleges and universities were held in wuhan university, huazhong university of science and technology, xi'an jiaotong university, and tianjin university.


on february 26th, shenglong electric was awarded the outstanding unit for promoting industrial development in wuhan. in february, shenglong electric won two more invention patents in the field of power quality.

on june 18th, the opening ceremony of the wuhan entrepreneurship college of shenglong university was held. president liu daoyu announced the opening of the school. in august, shenglong electric won the 2016 donghu new technology development zone leading enterprise.

on august 12th, shenglong electric settled in china jinji shenglong electric and abb signed an in-depth cooperation agreement and exchange meeting. chairman xie yuande and president abb huang jing delivered speeches at the ceremony.

on august 18th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between shengchuang institute and schneider china learning development center was held.

on september 7, shenglong electric ranked 67th among the top 100 enterprises in hubei.

on september 14, the group financial senior seminar was held in xishuangbanna.

on september 29th, the 7th optics valley entrepreneur forum was held at the tao yu classroom of wuhan entrepreneurship college, shenglong university.

on november 2-4, shenglong electric actively participated in the 6th china-us smart grid symposium.

on november 19th, shenglong electric was invited to participate in the 2nd china-uk bim research institute annual conference and china bim and building industrialization academic summit.

on november 25th, emba teachers and students from national south-east international university of taiwan visited the wuhan institute of entrepreneurship at shenglong university.

on december 1, shenglong electric's new product launch conference was held in tianjin. the 1228 group company was selected as one of the first batch of support plans for thousands of enterprises in wuhan.

on december 30-31, the second board of directors of the group was held in wuhan optics valley hilton hotel.


from january 1st to 3rd, the "new normal, new era, cadre quality determines the future" shenglong electric board of directors enlarged meeting was held in yanqi lake.

on february 8, shenglong electric group 2014 beijing qinggong was held in the great hall of the people. on february 11, shenglong electric group's 2014 wuhan celebration was held in hongshan auditorium.

on april 15th, li hongzhong, secretary of the hubei provincial party committee, fully affirmed the training of the boss of shenglong university at the forum of the east lake high-tech zone.

on april 28th, shenglong electric became a pioneer partner of schneider electric smart panel.

on may 13th, shenglong university wuhan entrepreneurship college was established. shenglong university entrepreneurship college was highly valued by the provincial party committee and the provincial government.

on may 21-22, the centennial brilliant roadmap planning and design summit of shenglong electric group was held in shanghai.

on may 26, the meeting of the president of wuhan industrial association was held in shenglong electric. on july 20th, hubei satellite tv “hubei news” reported the shenglong university entrepreneurship college, and carried out a follow-up report – the progress of government and enterprises to build shenglong university entrepreneurship college.

on august 24th, shenglong electric won the first gold medal of the first excellent supplier of china construction first bureau group in 2015.

on october 17, shenglong electric actively participated in the internet smart energy forum.

on october 20th, shenglong electric won the soho china “excellent partner” award.

on october 23, shenglong electric won the “double 100 strong” in wuhan.

on december 30-31, the centennial shenglong engineering blueprint argument conference was held in beijing jingxi hotel.


on march 30th, the shenglong electric development summit forum and the 35th anniversary of shenglong electric group were held at the beijing national convention center.

on february 21, shenglong electric group wuhan co., ltd. won the “2013 annual economic contribution enterprise” of donghu high-tech zone.

on february 21, shenglong electric group wuhan co., ltd. won the “advanced unit for advancing industrial multiplication plan” in donghu high-tech zone.


on december 21st, “shenglong electric group 2013 national committee for three committees and 10 million order heroes commendation conference” was held in the meiling hall of wuhan donghu hotel. more than 700 members and representatives from all over the country came to han to attend the meeting.

on september 18th, shenglong electric group wuhan company won the no. 100 wuhan enterprises in 2013 with the 68th.

on september 9, shenglong electric group won the “top 500 asian brands”.

on september 3, shenglong electric group was selected by the ministry of industry and information technology and the china electricity council to jointly determine the “national industrial power demand side management service organization (first batch)”. shenglong electric ranks 8th out of 49 and is the only one among the nation's mainstream distributors.

on july 20th, the “shenglong electric 3rd china optics valley sports culture festival” jointly sponsored by shenglong electric group co., ltd. and hubei provincial sports bureau and donghu new technology development zone was unveiled at hubei olympic sports center. opening the curtain.

on march 21, shenglong electric group wuhan co., ltd. was awarded the 2012 wuhan excellent enterprise.

on march 18th, chairman xie yuande won the 2012 hubei private economy leader.

on february 2nd, shenglong electric group thanked the annual greetings in the golden hall of the great hall of the people. the thank-you dinner was held in the ballroom of the great hall of the people. the event was hosted by cctv's famous host chen weihong and wang xiaoyu. the famous singers song zuying, dai yuqiang, bai xue and many other artists joined us to present a wonderful performance.

on january 31, chairman xie yuande was awarded the 2012 most influential entrepreneur of wuhan private economy.

on january 28th, chairman xie yuande was awarded the 2012 hubei economic year.

on january 19th, chairman xie yuande was awarded the best outstanding contribution to the construction of corporate spiritual civilization in hubei province in 2012.

on january 14, chairman xie yuande was awarded the top 10 business leaders of china's economy in 2012.

in january, shenglong electric group wuhan company won the second unit of the 2012 china optics valley sports culture festival.


on december 10th, shenglong electric group's 2012 national third committee meeting was held in wuhan. at the meeting, chairman xie yuande delivered a keynote speech entitled “making electricity to create more gdp, making electricity a happy life, and making the beautiful china more beautiful”, and thoroughly studying the spirit of the party’s 18th national congress. contacting the company's actual situation, it put forward a new slogan in the new era, calling on all shenglong people to seize valuable opportunities and realize shenglong's breakthrough leap-forward development.

on october 13, shenglong electric group wuhan company won the 2012 wuhan top 100 enterprises.

in september, chairman xie yuande was awarded the title of “top 30 in the optics valley• era”.

in september, the promulgation of the "shenglong electric group basic system document" declared that the shenglong enterprise system, mechanism and culture with rich characteristics of the times and shenglong characteristics have been basically matured and formally established. this is our socialist enterprise system with chinese characteristics. a contribution of innovation is the milestone of shenglong group's move to rule by law and rule by virtue, and establish the “shenglong constitution”, which will protect the 100-year glory for a hundred years.

on may 19th, the “shenglong electric 2nd china optics valley sports culture festival” jointly hosted by shenglong electric group co., ltd. and hubei provincial sports bureau and donghu new technology development zone was grandly opened in hubei olympic sports center. .

in march, shenglong electric group wuhan company was awarded the 2011 advanced unit of culture and sports.


on december 19th, shenglong electric group's innovation upgrade and development seminar was held in hong kong. with the theme of learning, innovation and expansion, the conference invited the deputy director of phoenix satellite tv information station, and the famous host wu xiaoli presided over the "dialogue" column. through interviews with the six guests of shenglong, i reviewed and forecasted shenglong's yesterday and today. and tomorrow.

on august 18th, the group company and abb signed the “10kv switchgear cooperative production” agreement.

june 10, china optics valley. shenglong electric gala was held in wuhan. the evening party was jointly sponsored by the wuhan donghu new technology development zone management committee and shenglong electric group co., ltd., with the theme of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the party, focusing on “the government and the enterprise will build the optics valley together, the cadres will work together to create brilliance” and “china optics valley red songs the central idea of shenglong’s singing to the party is a microcosm of the government and enterprises working together to write a new chapter. the evening was hosted by zhou tao and liu yiwei, the famous hosts of cctv. many artists from chen huilin, na ying, yang hongji, he yuhuan and the general political opera troupe presented a magnificent audio-visual feast for more than 7,000 people.

in may, shenglong electric group wuhan company won the 2010 wuhan famous brand product.

in may, shenglong electric group wuhan co., ltd. was awarded the 2011 hubei province meritorious enterprise.

on may 28th, chairman xie yuande was awarded the honorary title of 2011 hubei province meritorious entrepreneur.

in april, the group company signed an agreement with tsinghua university to establish the “tsinghua university alumni shenglong electric practice fund”.

on february 22, shenglong electric group wuhan company settled in the 40,000 square meter giant factory new campus.


on december 18, 2010, the group's board of directors and marketing team construction summary exchange meeting was held in chengdu and chongqing. guided by shenglong culture, we will build a “double-precision” leadership group and create a “win-win” marketing team; the “white general” training project will be officially launched.

in june 2010, beijing intelligent power distribution r&d center was established.

on may 2, 2010, the beijing training center of shenglong university was established.

in december 2009, the guangzhou conference discussed and adopted the “singapore three committees” shenglong outline, setting a very important milestone in the history of shenglong's development. at the same time, the meeting further proposed the cultural system strategy, that is, “learning chinese culture, building shenglong culture and improving the brand value of shenglong electric group” further enriched the connotation of shenglong culture.

in the training cadre training class in august 2009, the talent strategy of “promoting employment, helping entrepreneurship, and building a large army of 100,000 troops” was deeply implemented as a long-term development strategy of shenglong in the hearts of shenglong people.

on may 28, 2009, the wuhan conference of the 30th anniversary celebration of shenglong electric was held in hongshan auditorium. the host of the cctv hosted a special trip from beijing to the scene to be the host of the show. the famous performance artist feng gong passed the "hello of shenglong" to the audience and sent greetings to the audience. at the end of the program, famous singer yang hongji sang "song of song" live.

on may 2, 2009, shenglong electric 30th anniversary celebration was held in fangfeiyuan, diaoyutai state guesthouse. beijing's 10 billion production base was officially put into operation.

in 2008, shenglong electric camped in chongqing.

in 2007, the shanghai strategic seminar discussed and decided on the “market strategy of the fifth battalion delta array”, officially kicking off the prelude of “dividing seven roads and arranging the bund”.

in 2007, shenglong electric stationed in shanghai.

in 2004, shenglong electric stationed in dongguan.

in 2002, chairman xie yuande was elected as the representative of the 10th people's congress of hubei province.


on may 13, 1999, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of shenglong electric, a press conference was held in the great hall of the people in beijing, marking the official entry of shenglong electric group in beijing.

on may 13, 1999, the beijing institute of shenglong electric was established in the great hall of the people in beijing. academician gu guojun, an academician of the chinese academy of engineering and a well-known national electric power expert, served as the director of the institute.

in 1997, chairman xie yuande was elected as the representative of the ninth people's congress of hubei province.

on may 13, 1994, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of shenglong electric, a press conference was held at the hongshan grand hall of the political and cultural center of hubei province, and the wuhan factory was put into production at the guandong science and technology industrial park in wuhan. han nanpeng, deputy governor of hubei province, delivered a speech. the famous educator, former wuhan university president liu daoyu and wuhan deputy mayor yuan shanla cut the ribbon for the ceremony, marking shenglong electric group officially stationed in wuhan, in the kanto science and technology industrial park. settled down.

in 1992, chairman xie yuande was elected as the representative of the eighth people's congress of hubei province.

in 1988, chairman xie yuande was awarded the honorary title of hubei province entrepreneur.

in 1987, chairman xie yuande was awarded as an outstanding communist party member of the xiangyang municipal committee and an outstanding communist party member of the zaoyang municipal committee.

in 1986, chairman xie yuande was named a model worker in hubei province.

in 1985, chairman xie yuande was selected as an outstanding communist party member by the hubei province of china.

in 1984, the hubei north electric remote control equipment factory was jointly established with the transportation minister jiang shipping administration (later renamed zaoyang city switch factory).

in 1984, chairman xie yuande was elected as the party representative of the sixth party congress in xiangyang (xiangfan).

in 1983, chairman xie yuande was elected as a representative of the people's congress of zaoyang city and a member of the chinese people's political consultative conference.

may 13, 1979, 513 company (predecessor of shenglong electric). established in zaoyang city, hubei province, with the aim of “strengthening the development of the four modernizations and contributing to the people's blessings”.

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